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    Which is best to use – mouse or keyboard?

    Some tasks can only (efficiently) be performed by one or the other. But you may be surprised at how many tasks can be completed be either and you may be further surprised how much more efficiently you can work with one rather than the other. So, which one is best to use?
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    SUMIFS in external files or two dimensions?

    SUMIFS is a great function but (i) if data is in other files it can generate errors if the other file is closed and (ii) it only works in one dimension (rows or columns, not both). In this blog I show you how to solve both problems and how to use conditional formatting to highlight the summed cells.
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    Navigate efficiently in Excel

    Get where you want to, quickly and easily. You can work more efficiently in Excel if you can navigate effectively. With regular practice of the methods I explain, you too can become an expert in Excel navigation!
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    Choose the best chart type

    Excel offers a huge variety of charts (also commonly called graphs) so it can be difficult to identify the most suitable type for presenting your data. Here I explain some basic guidelines which should help you pick the best type in several typical cases and some useful tips. I also give some advice on which chart types are not recommended.
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    Get rid of those annoying links

    You have probably experienced it… you open an Excel file and get a message that the file is linked to one or more external sources. If this was not expected, it could be that the file contains unintentional links which you may wish to review and remove. This is not always an easy task but I’ll show you how.
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    Massively reduce the size of your large Excel files

    Large files are time-consuming to work with and prevent efficient working so it’s worth trying to get them smaller. Here I reveal my TOP TIPS which I used to quickly reduced the size of a large file by over 80%.
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