Excel space tip

Did you know, you can add spaces to formulas to make them easier to read?

Well, you can, and you should! 😊


Did you find that easy to read? Of course, not – it has no spaces. But this was standard practice in medieval books. Over time, however, spaces were added between words to make texts easier to read.

When writing spreadsheet formulas, however, we are still mostly following the medieval monks. Surprise, surprise, this means that formulas – especially those which are longer or more complex – are harder to read. And harder to write, check, amend and understand.

Therefore, I recommend you add spaces to your formulas e.g., after every argument separator (a comma or semi-colon, depending on your regional settings) or before every plus-sign. This makes them easier to read etc. and has no impact on results as Excel ignores them.

Bonus tip: If you want to “retrofit” spaces into your formulas, make a back-up of your file then simply search and replace all argument separators (a comma or semi-colon) with a separator followed by a space.