Trust me, I’m an Excel expert 🙂

You can really improve your Excel knowledge and skills here at how2excel by reading my blog and using my videos and downloads to learn valuable best practice techniques as well as tips and tricks. I have developed this content based upon my many years of experience with Excel, notably in business environments, and it is therefore very practice-oriented.

Work experience

  • 21 years’ experience with Deloitte in Germany and England and since 2015 as a successful freelancer

    Business modelling: I have developed numerous flexible planning, controlling and financing models and tools for clients in various industries

    Model reviews: I have reviewed numerous complex models, identified many errors and made suggestions for improving model flexibility and user-friendliness
    Data analytics: I have analysed many data sets and identified many valuable  insights for business improvement
    Excel training courses: I have developed and carried out many Excel courses including data preparation and analysis workshops, business modelling as well as development of macros to automate tasks

  • Two years’ experience as Bank Controller at American Express
  • Two years’ experience as Financial Controller in the tourism industry

Professional training and further education

  • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales
  • SAP finance module certified
  • Participation in several data analytics courses and congresses
  • Honours degree in physics (University of Southampton)

Also visit my consulting website www.knott-consulting.de.

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