Trust me, I’m an Excel expert 🙂

I have developed the content on this website based upon my many years of experience with Excel, notably in business environments (see below). It is therefore both tried-and-tested and practical.

I have also written a practical how2excel book so you can learn how to excel at creating reliable, user-friendly spreadsheets.

Work experience

  • 21 years’ experience with Deloitte in Germany and England and since 2015 as a successful freelancer

    Business modelling: I have developed numerous flexible planning, controlling and financing models and tools for clients in various industries

    Model reviews: I have reviewed numerous complex models, identified many errors and made suggestions for improving model flexibility and user-friendliness
    Data analytics: I have analysed many data sets and identified many valuable  insights for business improvement
    Excel training courses: I have developed and carried out many Excel courses including data preparation and analysis workshops, business modelling as well as development of macros to automate tasks

  • Two years’ experience as Bank Controller at American Express
  • Two years’ experience as Financial Controller in the tourism industry

Professional training and further education

  • Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales
  • SAP finance module certified
  • Participation in several data analytics courses and congresses
  • Honours degree in physics (University of Southampton)

Also visit my consulting website www.knott-consulting.de.